Saturday, June 16, 2007

Holding Up Half the Sky

Holding up Half the Sky

One day an elephant saw a hummingbird lying on its back with its tiny feet up in the air. "What are you doing?" asked the elephant.

The hummingbird replied, "I heard that the sky might fall today, and so I am ready to help hold it up, should it fall."

The elephant laughed cruelly. "Do you really think," he said, "that those tiny feet could help hold up the sky?"

The hummingbird kept his feet up in the air, intent on his purpose, as he replied, "Not alone. But each must do what he can. And this is what I can do."

~A Chinese Folktale

I want to introduce to many of you a wonderful organization called Half the Sky. After adopting their daughter in 1997, Jenny and Richard Bowen saw first hand the effects of institutionalization on their child and many others. Their daughter suffered from both physical and cognitive developmental delays. But after one year of individual attention, love and nurture, their daughter was transformed!
From this amazing experience, the following was born:

"How easy it was to make a tremendous difference in the life of one young child! What if you could do the same for the many children in China who languish waiting for families — or those who will never be adopted? That's how Half the Sky Foundation — named for the Chinese adage, "Women hold up half the sky" — was born in 1998." - The Bowens

Half the Sky's mission is to provide family-like nurturing care in the lives of orphaned children.

Since Half the Sky first launched its determined effort to help “hold up the sky”, thousands of children living in Chinese institutions have received the gift of love and nurture. And that number grows each year. Half the Sky centers now dot the map of China, each one a sign of hope and care for orphaned children.

Half the Sky has accomplished so much because so many have joined in to help. Today Half the Sky’s global community is made up of tens of thousands of generous individuals, corporations, and foundations, each doing their part to hold up the sky.

It is a community of doggedly optimistic hummingbirds who believe that coming together as a community can eventually bring a family’s loving care to all of China’s orphaned children.

To find out more visit their website! Half the Sky

Here are a few of their outstanding programs:

Baby Sisters infant Nurture Centers
Big Sisters Program
Family Villages
For the Children

"All the children who are held and loved will know how to love others.... Spread these virtues in the world. Nothing more need be done." ~Meng Zi c.300bc

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lotus Child

I just added my newest print "Lotus Child" to Jiinkinkids today! The size is 12x12 and is a Mounted Canvas Giclee print. This is one of my favorites so far!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lazy Days of Summer

"Lazy Days of Summer" is my featured art of the week. I just added the print to jiinkinkids today! The images on blogger aren't so great. If you want to see quality images, head on over to jiinkinkids! :)

Indian Summer by Emily Dickinson
These are the days when birds come back,
A very few, a bird or two,
To take a backward look.

These are the days when skies put on
The old, old sophistries of June, -
A blue and gold mistake.

Oh, fraud that cannot cheat the bee,
Almost thy plausibility
Induces my belief,

Till ranks of seeds their witness bear,
And softly through the altered air
Hurries a timid leaf!

Oh, sacrament of summer days,
Oh, last communion in the haze,
Permit a child to join,

Thy sacred emblems to partake,
Thy consecrated bread to break,
Taste thine immortal wine!

A Delayed Welcome!

Welcome to my little corner of the world! I am Stephanie Wise, illustrator and owner of! Please be patient with me as I work to update and construct this blog! It is a work in progress! I will be posting all my new art here as well as any other fun tidbits that I find! :)

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you again soon!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

As Seen on Cool Mom Picks!

As Seen at Cool Mom Picks

Jiinkinkids was recently featured on Cool Mom Picks and here's what they had to say:

A is for Anhui, B is for Beijing

As a writer I've always subscribed to the adage, "write what you know." And I assume the same goes for other art forms as well. (Paper maché what you know!) So it's not surprising that prolific illustrator and photographer Stephanie Wise began creating a spectacular series of modern adoption art in 2005 after setting off on her own adoption journey.

Lucky for us, Stephanie's not just stockpiling it for her own daughter when she finally arrives from China; she's turned her designs into giclee fine art prints, now available through her site, Jiinkin Kids.

Some of the pieces are very specifically inspired by Chinese adoptions, like the colorful ABCs of China's Provinces (shown here) or the serene personalized Qui Pao print. Then some, like Jumping Rope or Red Mary Janes would suit any little girl's room--whether she hails from Wuhan or Wichita.

Stephanie's daughter is going to be one lucky girl indeed. On many counts. - Liz

WIN IT! Your own "Pile Up" 8x10 giclee print from Stephanie Wise's collection. Just email by midnight tonight with JIINKIN in the subject and the answer to the question: What does jiinkins mean anyway? I'll draw one winner at random.


Double Happiness on Jiinkinkids!

Here is the latest piece of art that has been added to Jiinkinkids!

You can customize your child’s name on this piece of art!

4 Colors Available: Green, Blue, Pink, Lavender
Click on Image/Image numbers to the right to see color variations and a detailed view

Stephanie L. Wise / Jiinkinkids

STRETCHED MATTE CANVAS: (bright white, cotton canvas (20 mil)) over wooden stretcher bars with Protective Finish specially formulated for giclee prints.